Welcome to Gypsophila, an art and literary
digital magazine.
Gypsophila is a place for all creatives: artists, writers, or just readers, all are welcome!
This "article" of an about page is the story of how we came to be. Read it if you like, or head to one of our volumes to start reading.
Either way, thanks for stopping by.​​​​​​​
Gypsophila is the brain baby of a Graphic Designer, Artist, and Poet (hi, that's me)
Let's start at the beginning of my writing. Okay maybe not the beginning because that's back when I was 15 and I don't like to think about that time.
Summer 2019, I was going into my last semester of college and wanted to have an analog design project in my portfolio—just for funsies. I loved publication design and wrote poetry in the past so I thought, "why not hand collage and hand bind a poetry book?" I did it and it's one of my top 3 favorite design projects I've ever done. Fast forward to January 1, 2020, I decided my only new years resolution (the one I knew I could actually do) was to step out of my comfort zone by publishing my poetry on Instagram—anonymously because I'm a wimp and didn't think my writing was good. Welcome in C.B. Ramblings, my poetry pen name.
And so @ramblingsofayoungadult was born. The title of that collage poetry book from college turned into my poetry instagram handle.
Fast forward again to summer 2020, I had just moved during a pandemic and was jobless. So, while applying to 10+ jobs almost daily, I gave myself mini design projects. Originally, this was just going to be one of those design projects to add to my portfolio. I was just going to design something with a bunch of Lorem Ipsum filler text and images I downloaded from Pexels.
But then, in November 2020, I joined a team for another zine. I was super excited to get back to designing. So excited, that I revived this project, and completely changed it's trajectory.
So here we are. A final version of Gypsophila. Let me walk you through what we are and what we will be.
First of all, what the heck is a Gypsophila?
I'm so glad you asked. You need to know this before you understand what the magazine is all about. Gypsophila is the scientific name for Baby's Breath flowers.
This snippet from Plantopedia explains the magazine in plant terms:
“Besides roses, Gypsophila – due to its graceful appearance – is one of the most charismatic plants. Not only does this plant decorate every bouquet in its own special way, it also beautifies every flower bed. On a big scale Gypsophila can grow in bare areas and can be combined with almost every other kind of flower.”
Gypsophila complements any flower placed beside it in a bouquet or flowerbed. This magazine will combine art and literature. Visual and verbal art coming together to create something beautiful. Just how baby’s breath (gypsophila) can grow in tandem with almost any other flower.
A place for Artists and Writers to join
forces and create something beautiful.
That's the gist of it. We'll have volumes based on the type of art—for example, Volume 1 is all about collage artists. Each Volume Issue will be dedicated to one artist and their art will be placed alongside poetry and short stories. At the back of each issue will be a Q&A with the artist and small writer biographies of everyone included in that issue.
If you read all the way through this, thank you and I'm excited to have you here.
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